RCM-X Whitepapers

Execution: The Cost You Can Manage

Successful hedge funds, commodity trading funds and prop firms understand that generating alpha isn't just about scouting talent, research and negotiating rates, but also being on the cutting edge of execution to avoid slippage.

Enter execution algorithms and transaction cost analysis (TCA) as a best practice for leading traders and portfolio mangers, whereby they now have a framework to minimize slippage by quantifying these dynamic costs created by an ever-changing market.

In this white paper, we emphasize how implementing TCA could potentially be the difference between a strategy's good year or a sub-par year.


Market Microstructure: Corn Futures Spreads

How do changes in maximum order sizes affect commodity markets? Check out our market microstructure analysis on CME’s change in order size for corn calendar spread futures to learn how the price and size reactions to these larger contracts affected execution risk.

What you'll learn
  • Impact on trade sizes and posted quantities
  • Price reactions
  • Size reactions
  • Impact of max trade size increase on execution risk