Strategy Studio

Principal Trading Software

End-to-end Framework for Creating Advanced Automated Principal Trading Strategies

RCM-X Strategy Studio is a software suite for developing, testing and deploying multi-asset-class automated trading strategies. Our unique framework offers the extremely low-latency architecture, rich interface, and flexible data and broker connectivity you need to develop, test and deploy sophisticated automated trading strategies.

The Strategy Development API

The Strategy Development API is data feed and execution provider agnostic, allowing you to focus on the logic of your strategies. Cross asset class, cross platform.

Strategy Servers

Strategy Studio servers load and run your high-frequency trading strategies and can be deployed in any data center.

Strategy Manager

Strategy Manager is a clear user interface to monitor performance and risk management, centralizing your research and production trading.

Key Features

Full tick-by-tick backtesting, live simulation and production trading
Real-time performance monitoring and results tracking
Fill simulator for backtesting and live simulation
Normalized order management
Flexible market data aggregation and order book building
Customizable strategy parameters, commands and graphing

Strategy Studio Adapters

Whether it's backtest readers, data adapters or execution handlers, Strategy Studio has you covered, offering a diverse suite of connections across industry vendors and platforms.

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