Market Up/Vol Up, Market Down/Vol Down…WTF Episode

Category: Volatility

So – what’s happening in the wide world of volatility? The market moved to new all time highs and the VIX actually went UP. The market then mini-crashed lower and VIX barely budged? WTF indeed? Is it Robinhood traders? It is market makers? Is it sustainable? To break it down we’re doing another of our […]

Straddles, SVXY, and (Gamma) Scalping with Logica’s Mike Green

Category: Volatility

With a Top Gun-like bio of working with billionaires and big hedge funds, Michael Green is one of the top prospects in the alternative investment game. BUT, all we hear him talking about these days is his passive thesis, to the point where he jokes – that may end up on his tombstone one day. […]

Debt, Dollars, and Deficits with CME’s Blu Putnam

Category: Volatility

It’s a job all in itself to be able to look at data – especially data that affects all of us on a daily basis – and be able to interpret that to make sense to yourself. Take that and have to turn it into something that makes sense to everyone else – well that’s […]