Participation, Opportunistic, & Liquidity Based Execution Algorithms

Category: Macro Commentary

Today’s top firms know there’s more to alpha than just higher trading profits. There’s also minimizing trading costs when implementing your investment strategies.  Aside from fixed costs like brokerage and exchange fees, the somewhat hidden costs of execution slippage can erode your alpha and impact overall performance.  Not being able to get filled at the […]

Asset Class Scoreboard: August 2020

Category: Macro Commentary

July to August was probably the least movement across that board that we’ve seen so far in 2020. U.S. stocks continue to top the board month over month, as well as U.S. real estate and commodities continuing to trail in the red. Are commodities going to be able to move out of double digit red […]

Debt, Dollars, and Deficits with CME’s Blu Putnam

Category: Macro Commentary

It’s a job all in itself to be able to look at data – especially data that affects all of us on a daily basis – and be able to interpret that to make sense to yourself. Take that and have to turn it into something that makes sense to everyone else – well that’s […]