Algos 101: POV

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If you’ve been following around with our Algo 101 series, you’ve already gotten a taste of parts 1 and 2 with our TWAP and VWAP posts; and if you haven’t read those, we recommend taking 5 mins after this to get a quick refresher. So, this is the third post in this series helping those […]

Algos 101: VWAP

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This is the second post in our Algo Execution Educational 101 Series to help those interested in algorithmic execution understand how different types of algorithms work and the execution issues they’re intended to solve. This week we’re focusing on the VWAP algo. Strategy Name:   VWAP VWAP stands for Volume Weighted Average Price, and similar to how a TWAP enters […]

Algos 101: TWAP

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With automated trading and algorithmic execution strategies accounting for 85% of equities trading, its no secret algos have become a useful implementation tools in Futures markets. Algos have a lot going on from TWAP vs brISK, to implementation and slippage cost; and that’s just the tip of the ICEBERG. So what better way to educate […]