Market Up/Vol Up, Market Down/Vol Down…WTF Episode

So – what’s happening in the wide world of volatility? The market moved to new all time highs and the VIX actually went UP. The market then mini-crashed lower and VIX barely budged? WTF indeed? Is it Robinhood traders? It is market makers? Is it sustainable? To break it down we’re doing another of our WTF episodes, and are joined by two VOL pros, Matt Thompson – Managing Partner at Thompson Capital Management, and Pat Hennessy – Head Trader at IPS Strategic Capital to talk about volatility, VIX, and options trading inside the market dislocation.



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00:00-01:36 = Intro
01:37-31:46 = The VIX in the past month
31:47-46:11 = The Elevating of the VIX & The reasons behind the curve
46:12-54:47 = Strategy Impacts
54:48-1:00:05 = Where do we go from here?


Follow along with Matt (@dynamicvol) and Pat (@pat_hennessy) on Twitter, and check out their websites for more info on their strategies at Thompson Capital Management and IPS Strategic Capital.