Canadian Commodities and Building Business with Tim Pickering of Auspice Capital Advisors

In today’s episode we’re pushing the boundaries of traditional alternative investments and getting into oil trading, trend following, and taking risks (both in business & with your strategy) with Lead Portfolio Manager and CIO at Auspice Capital Advisors, Tim Pickering. From trading shell oil to striking out on his own – Tim’s expansive experience in the alts world is about as big as the Canadian Wilderness he hails from. Today we’re talking with Tim about Lewis and Clark, Tim’s background in oil, willingness to fail, commodity market benefits, Canadian oil production, what a product suite entails, providing alpha and diversification as a trend follower, Canadian beer, striking out on your own, discovering new (profitable) ventures, Calgary rodeos, oils negative -> rally movements, strategy evolution, Chicago or Miami, and Lake Louise.

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00:00-01:27 = Intro

01:28-25:47 = TD, Shell, Enron to Two Men & a Dog

25:49-53:36 = Trend Following, Commodity Volatility & Aspects of Momentum

53:37-1:18:49 = Focusing in on Auspice

1:18:50-1:23:02 = Favorites


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